Card Transaction

Card Transaction

TMP provides an easy, secure and reliable solution for processing credit card transactions through your website. By using TMP services, you avoid the up-front expense and time required to set up E-Commerce software, merchant accounts, customer service and much more.

TMP automates the entire credit card authorization process while simultaneously applying rigid fraud checks to each and every online transaction that goes through the system. Our proprietary fraud protection and screening system has been designed to keep transaction reversals(chargebacks) at a minimum while maximizing transaction throughput and profits. In addition to 24/7 client support department for consumers via a professionally staffed.

How do I get Paid?

TMP pays you next month for transactions that occurred last month. Our processing period is one month in length and begins every month and ends the following begins month. All transactions that occur within this time period will be processed and a payment will be sent via US mail, FEDEX, or by wire on the following month.

Is there a Security Deposit?

TMP does require a rolling 26-week security deposit of 5% of all credit card. This security deposit covers TMP for any potential losses in the event that refunds, returns, or chargebacks (collectively, disputes) should exceed revenue for any given time frame on your account. Revenues withheld from your account will be applied to disputes on YOUR ACCOUNT ONLY. Any monies held back and not used for consumer disputes will be refunded to you in the billing period occurring 26 weeks after the period when the monies were held.


  • Turnkey solution that can be implemented quickly and easily
  • Service reliability backed by 24/7 operations support for merchants and consumers
  • A pricing structure that varies with transaction volume
  • Expertise and knowledge to keep up-to-date with card association and payment processing regulations